The Chanson Miracle MAX Ionizer

Get pH 9.5 Alkaline Water In Your Home, For LESS than the Price of Bottled Water

Imagine How Amazing You Will Feel Drinking pH 9.5 Water All Day, Every Day?

Imagine drinking powerful pH 9.5 alkaline water…water that contains 86 electrolyte alkaline mineral salts, water that is ultra-filtered for toxins including chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides…

The shocking truth is that tap and bottled water, and even water produced by reverse osmosis and distillation, has not only got a highly acidic pH, but it also has a positive ORP. This means that it is oxidising to the body – the opposite of what you need!

…so if you are NOT seeing the results you want and DESERVE - the quality of your water is the reason.

It really is as simple as that and as you read this article in full I’ll show you exactly how you can change your water and change your life…forever! Within just a few days from now you could be drinking alkaline, super filtered, antioxidant water and feeling the change of being properly hydrated. Just imagine what it could do for you?

As Robert Young (pH Miracle) recently told me:

“The aging and dying process is largely the process of dehydration and in my 25+ years of studying nutrition I have found NOTHING that a person can do that is more important to his or her health than change the kind of water they drink.”
Robert Young, PhD

Water quality is the single most important thing that will determine whether you reach your health goals or not.  It’s not just important …it is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, because…

All the GOOD FOOD you eat CANNOT make up for the BAD WATER you drink.

Now is the time to change your water…and change your life…

The Chanson Miracle MAX
… installed in 5-minutes

The Chanson Miracle MAX Ionizer

The Chanson Miracle MAX gives you the right quality water you need to rapidly reach your health goals – even if this is the only thing you change.

After researching every ionizer on the market over the past seven years we have found the one that gives you exactly the type of water you need.  This sleek machine produces the most consistently high pH levels, antioxidant content, and ultra-filtration and all in a machine that is 60% smaller than other ionizers.

It is also super-easy to install, taking under 5 minutes and requiring no plumbing whatsoever.

You will love your NEW Chanson MAX because drinking the water it produces puts the alkaline diet on autopilot and will have a huge impact from the very first glass.

  • Perfect pH 9.5*: the Chanson Miracle MAX delivers consistent performance at the pH you select – with a wide range from pH 3 up to pH 11+*. So you get perfect pH 9.5 drinking water, all day long – helping you to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the alkaline diet. 
  • Contains Antioxidants: whereas tap, bottled, reverse osmosis and distilled water are highly oxidising to the body (measuring an ORP of +200 to +400), Chanson Miracle MAX water consistently records an ORP of up to -450. Can you imagine the difference you will feel swapping your oxidising, acidic tap water for antioxidant, alkaline water?
  • Hundreds of Uses for the Acid Water Too!: the ionization process also produces acid water that is certified to kill bacteria such as ecoli and staph on contact. The acidic pH 4-5 water is also great for your skin when used topically, making an excellent moisturiser, makeup remover and reliever of acne, eczema and other skin conditions
  • Ultra Filtered and Ultra Clean: the internal filter in the Chanson Miracle MAX is industry leading. This filter is superior to other ionizer filters on the market as it is a wet-moulded product made from activated carbon and synthetic fiber. It is an anti-bacterial filter with silver-impregnated activated carbon and removes 99.9% of chlorine from the water whilst dramatically improving taste.

Himalayan Rock Salt Injection = Instant Alkalinity

Delivering Super Strong Alkalinity and Acidity

The Miracle MAX is also the world’s only ionizer to contain a Himalayan Rock Salt injection to guarantee you’re getting the pH 3.5 and below, certified antibacterial, water.  This can be used to clean your entire household, chemical-free, disinfect surfaces and more and can be sprayed directly onto dry skin conditions, acne and more.

Of course, this also guarantees that you are getting the super-strong alkaline water too – at pH 11.5 and above which is incredible for cleaning pesticides from vegetable and fruits!

With easy, five-minute installation, zero ongoing maintenance (thanks to it’s in-built, self-cleaning mechanism), and our risk free 60-day money back guarantee – this is the most powerful, high quality, and easy-to-use ionizer we’ve ever seen – and now you can buy it with zero risk.

As Robert Young’s personal preference, and with our exclusive interest-free monthly installment plan, the Chanson Miracle MAX is the most affordable way to get ionized, alkaline, antioxidant water in your home, 24/7.

This is totally risk-free for you.  We know how important this decision is for you, so to take away the risk and give you the opportunity to try the ionizer for yourself we give you a guaranteed risk-free 60-day trial period.

Your ionizer is delivered to you absolutely free and then you have 60 days to test drive the water and see what a difference it will make for you and your family.

If you’re not totally happy, you can simply email us and get a ‘no-questions-asked’ refund.  It’s as simple as that.

“I can’t think of any better machine than the Chanson to get the type of alkaline and acid water you need.”

Robert Young, PhD

Weight Loss, Better Digestion, More Energy…?
What Could Proper, Alkaline Hydration Do For You?

So if you’re looking alkalise your body and experience alertness like never before…

If you want to have the body of your dreams, have perfect mental clarity all day long and feel fresh and alert each morning when you wake up, naturally, without the need for your alarm…

If you want to have glowing skin that constantly gets commented on by friends, to have the energy of a teenager and to have people constantly tell you how ‘lucky’ you are to have such a great body and to look so good…

…then changing your water to alkaline, ionized, ultra filtered water is the most simple, easy but POWERFUL thing you can do…and you can get all of this right now.

In other words, if you do NOTHING ELSE but change the water you drink to alkaline ionized water you will see massive results.

It is as simple as that. If you want to drink alkaline, ionized, mineral-rich, electrolyte-rich, ultra-filtered, ultra-hydrating, super-antioxidant-water then the Chanson Miracle MAX is the only choice for you.

Alkaline Diet on Autopilot
Makes reaching your health goals simple to understand, easy to start and enjoyable to stick to

Our goal at Energise is to give you absolutely everything you need to quickly and easily smash your health goals, while enjoying the process! We want to make healthy living simple to understand, easy to implement and enjoyable to stick to.

So when you order your new Chanson Miracle MAX you will also receive:

  • BONUS ONE: Alkaline Diet Bootcamp Live Event Download (value £55)

You also get a free recording of our recent live event ‘How to Live Alkaline: LIVE – the alkaline diet bootcamp’. This event, featuring the incredible alkaline diet speakers Gareth Edwards & Ronnie Ruiz, gives you the exact roadmap to living alkalkine.

  • BONUS TWO: My Interview with Joseph McClendon III (value £25)

You also get a free recording of my recent interview with Joseph McClendon III during Tony Robbins’ event Unleash the Power Within (Sydney 2011) – Joseph is Tony Robbins health coach and was just a few hours from going on stage to present Tony’s ‘Living Health’ day. This interview was brilliant to be a part of & I am certain you will benefit tremendously from Joseph’s insights

  • BONUS THREE: Free Q&A Online Seminar with Alkaline Diet Expert Ronnie Ruiz (value £30)

Ronnie Ruiz has been working and researching in the health & nutrition industry for over 25 years. As an ex US-Marine and competitive powerlifter he knows what it takes to gain and maintain peak performance.

  • BONUS FOUR: Free Q&A Online Weight Loss Seminar with Alkaline Diet Nutritionist Gareth Edwards (value £30)

Gareth Edwards is one of the most celebrated alkaline diet nutritionists in the world and in this 60 minute online seminar, Gareth gives you EXACTLY what you need to lose massive weight with the alkaline diet.

So Here is the Price

Normally you would expect to pay around £1600-£1800 for a 7 plate ionizer, and sometimes up to £2400.  Which we think is too much.

Now, remember that the Chanson Miracle MAX is the ONLY ionizer with:

  • consistent performance to give you a pH range from 2.8-12.5
  • antioxidant water with an ORP of up to -800 giving you an good source of antioxidants
  • the Himalayan Rock Salt injection feature to give you mineral rich, electrolyte-rich water
  • super-fast 5-minute installation without the need for plumbing
  • the LARGEST nano-coated titanium plates to guarantee lifetime high performance and no loss of power
  • the patented internal self-cleaning, automatic de-calcification system meaning you have zero maintenance requirements
  • the chemical-free, 5 micron silver impregnanted carbon block internal filter (the most powerful ionizer filter)

….and it is the SMALLEST ionizer in the world too!

ORDER & QUESTION HOTLINE: +44 (0)844 809 9189

Get it RIGHT NOW with Interest-Free Installments!

12-Month Installment Plan: £99.81 GBP / $150 USD per month…Interest-Free

With a down-payment of just £347 ($527 USD) today you can get a Chanson Miracle MAX delivered to your door today on our 12-month interest-free installment plan at just £99.81 GBP / $150 USD per month.

That’s right you can enjoy the perfect pH 9.5, antioxidant, ionized, alkaline water for just £347 ($527 USD) today and an interest free installment plan of just £99.81 GBP / $150 USD.   PLUS the 3 bonuses I mentioned earlier with a value of over £145 / $220 USD.

Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

And this is all at completely ZERO risk to you, you literally have absolutely NOTHING to lose.  If you don’t get the results you want plus MORE then you can ask for a full refund at ANY point within the next 60 days after the ionizer arrives and we’ll refund you PLUS you can still keep the Live Event download bonus, my 12-Week Alkaline Diet Course & you can still attend the Q & A webinar with Ronnie.


I am that confident that the Chanson Miracle MAX is going to change your life.

ORDER & QUESTION HOTLINE: +44 (0)844 809 9189

Thanks to the unique Himalayan Rock Salt Injection feature – the Chanson Miracle Max is the only ionizer in the world that is certified to provide guaranteed pH 2.8-3.4 water – and this super-strong acid water is quite incredible. The infusion of the alkaline mineral salts further powers the separation of the water in the ionizer into strong alkaline and strong acid, so the acid water you get from a Chanson is easily the strongest from any ionizer in the world.

This acid water has SO many benefits and here are just a few of my favourites:

  • Anti-Bacterial, Natural Disinfectant: this water is certified to kill bacteria such as staph and e-coli on contact.  For this reason it is absolutely fantastic as a non-chemical, antibacterial, sterilising cleaner to use instead of expensive chemical cleaners!  It is great for floors, kitchen surfaces, windows, mirrors, bathroom surfaces, toilets, showers – it removes odours so can be used on spills, pet accidents, shoes and trainers and anything else smelly!  It’s fantastic to have around the house and saves you a fortune!
  • Relief For Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis…Used topically this water is  fantastic for acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, yeast infections and other skin complaints while helping benefit fine lines and wrinkles so now you can truly help to reverse premature ageing from both the inside and out!
  • Incredible for Yeast Infections: similarly you can spray the super-low pH water onto yeast infections and see dramatic improvement within 12 hours.  Again, totally natural and chemical free.
  • A Wonderful Cleanser, Toner and Exfoliator: but even better than that – the acid water is also the BEST skincare product I have ever seen and this benefit alone will change your life! When low pH water (pH 3 to pH 4.5) is sprayed onto the skin, it acts as a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and exfoliator.

And if you’re making super-strong acid water, the by product of this, coming out of the other tap is of course…super strong alkaline water.

Super-STRONG Alkaline Water (pH 11+)
Removes Pesticides & Chemicals from Fruits & Vegetables

This super strong pH 11-12 ALKALINE water also has incredible benefits. With a pH this high the water is able to effectively remove pesticides and chemicals from fruits and vegetables, meaning that if you can’t afford organic you can at last have peace of mind that you’re definitely getting rid of the chemicals on your foods. This is such a unique and fantastic benefit.

“It amazed me when I rinsed & soaked a bunch of badly wilted coriander & spring onions & the water brought them back to life.So now I wash all my vegetables immediately & find they last a lot longer!”
Leanne Williamson, London

“What I like about the ionizer is the way a tomato tastes when you wash it in the high alkaline mode, it adds flavor, and you know it’s clean”
JE, Easton USA

So from one machine, that costs less than the price of buying bottled water each month, you get pH 9.5, super alkaline, antioxidant, ultra-hydrating, ultra-filtered drinking water that will dramatically change your health. You get super-strong alkaline water that completely cleans pesticides and chemicals from your foods, super-strong acid water that clears up acne, eczema, dry skin, candida, athletes foot, is a wonderful moisturizer, toner and makeup remover, is sterlising and kills bacteria such as ecoli and staph on contact and can be used to replace the expensive chemical cleaning products in your home….phew!  Sound good?

SO here’s the deal

OK, so if you’re still reading this by now you already KNOW that there is nothing you could do that will have more impact on your health, energy and vitality and move you dramatically closer to your health goals – without having to change anything else – and FINALLY unlock your health potential, giving you that amazing buzz you get when you’re finally seeing improvement in the mirror and feeling the change in yourself.

This is the very machine that Robert Young uses himself and at the pH Miracle Clinic in California, and if it’s good enough for him – it’s good enough for me!

Why Robert Young Loves Chanson:

“If someone were to ask me what’s the one thing I can do to have better health, then the answer would be very simple:

Start drinking alkalized and ionized water…

I can’t think of a better machine than the Chanson to give you the type of alkaline & acid water you need”
Robert Young PhD, Author pH Miracle

ORDER & QUESTION HOTLINE: +44 (0)844 809 9189

“My skin is glowing, I wash with acid water, my body is more supple, I feel healthy & lively all day and my stamina has increased,”
Steven Lamb, UK

And this is all at completely ZERO risk to you, you literally have absoluitely NOTHING to lose. If you don’t get the results you want plus MORE then you can ask for a full refund at ANY point within the next 60 days after the ionizer arrives and we’ll refund you PLUS you can still get the Live Event download bonus, my 12-Week Alkaline Diet Course Bonus and you can still attend the Q & A webinar with Ronnie.

I am that confident that the Chanson Miracle MAX is going to change your life.

Make Money From Your Ionizer!
Never Buy Cleaning Products, Bottled Water, pH Drops, Skincare Products Again…

At the start of this page I promised you that you would be able to have the Miracle MAX pay for itself from day one. Doesn’t that sound amazing – to get ALL of these incredible benefits to your health and be drinking perfect pH 9.5, antioxidant-rich, ultra filtered water and have the machine breaking even right from day one?

Here is how. With our completely interest-free payment plan you are paying just £99.81 GBP / $150 USD per month. Now lets look at what you would have to spend on a monthly basis to get even a fraction of this benefit:

  • 3 litres of bottled water per day: £49 per month (Tesco own brand)
  • pH Drops: £39.99 per month (pH Miracle PuripHy)
  • Kitchen cleaner, floor cleaner, oven cleaner, toilet cleaner, mouthwash, window cleaner, shower cleaner: £11 per month (Tesco own brand)
  • Skincare products: £11 per month (Boots own brand)

That’s £110.99! So you SAVE £11.18 per month by buying the Chanson!

And remember, you have absolutely nothing to risk.

Because of my rock solid guarantee you can use the product, get great results and get your money back for any reason.

You know by now that changing the quality of your water is the most powerful thing you can do to experience ultimate health, energy and vitality, and by changing your water to Chanson ionized water you will be ticking all of the boxes:

  • pH 9.5
  • Antioxidant rich
  • Ultra filtered and
  • Ultra hydrating

This water will do more for your health goals than anything else, and it is absolutely proven.

ORDER & QUESTION HOTLINE: +44 (0)844 809 9189

I don’t want to put too fine a point on this, but right now you have three options:

  • OPTION ONE: you could carry on as you are drinking tap water or bottled water and constantly battling against this water in your quest to reach your health goals. Filling your body with acid-forming, oxidizing, unfiltered water. Do nothing. Keep going the way you are now. Keep being frustrated and risk things getting worse because you don’t take action.
  • OPTION TWO: you can try other methods to achieve alkaline water, spending even more every day than our Chanson installment plan on pH drops and bottled water or other, inferior filters and only get ¼ of the benefit – leaving you massively out of pocket but with hardly anything to show for it…OR
  • OPTION THREE: risk nothing at all and grab your Chanson Miracle MAX today. You can instantly unlock your health potential by flooding your body with pH 9.5, antioxidant water day in day out. Again, there is no risk to you. If it doesn’t work out for you, simply ask for your refund!

All you have to do to start living alkaline, easily and effortlessly is click on the nice, shiny ‘Buy Now’ button below and you will have your ionizer delivered to your door so you can start drinking this amazing water right away.

ORDER & QUESTION HOTLINE: +44 (0)844 809 9189

“I used to feel sluggish in the afternoons and suffered from headaches – not any more! Our 3 children (twin boys 7 and girl 9) now love the water, and take it to school, and we have phased out all fruit shoots and fizzy drinks! It’s the easiest change and the most effective.”
Richard Masterson, UK

But Why Chanson?

Reason One:
I have never seen another ionizer in my 7 years of running Energise that is able to get such strong alkaline AND acid water. Because most other ionizers rely on adding minerals and chemicals to the water to achieve the high pH 9.5 this means they are not truly ionising the water. The outcome of this is you don’t get the true ORP antioxidant benefit, but worse than that – YOU DON’T GET THE ACID WATER.

Reason Two:
The minerals and chemicals used in these processes are also completely untested for human safety, so you might be filtering the harmful chemicals out of the tap water…before putting them right back in again!

Reason Three:
The Miracle MAX is also the world’s smallest and sexiest 7-plate machine. Chanson have a 20-strong R&D team who are constantly researching and improving their ionizers and components and the result is the worlds most powerful YET smallest ionizer. This is one sexy machine. And despite making the machine SMALLER than any other ionizer, the ionizer plates (where the magic happens) are actually LARGER than any other ionizer!

Reason Four:
The benefit of this larger plate size is that the MAX maintains perfect performance at a flow rate of at least 3 litres per minute. Other ionizers struggle to maintain performance at a flow of .8 litres a minute, which is just so painfully slow…and if you DID turn the tap up to 3 litres per minute, you would not be getting alkaline, ionised water any more….the performance would be reduced to zero.

Reason Five:
The development of the Salt Injection chamber means that you not only get guaranteed pH 2.7-3.5 sterilising water I mentioned before, but this salt injection also infuses your water with over 80 minerals and electrolytes making this the world’s healthiest sports water! No wonder so many athletes and sports people are loving the Chanson Water!

Reason Six:
Chanson are the only company with ISO 9001 certification, NSF certification, CE certification and to have their acid water independently lab tested to kill staph and ecoli on contact, to have their ionized water tested for the ‘microclustering effect’ and to certify the antioxidant value. Chanson are also members of the Water Quality Association.

(Most Important) Reason Seven:

We test 100% of our ionizers before shipping to insure the highest customer satisfaction and lowest defect rates. This is industry leading. So far since we have been selling Chanson ionizers at Energise we have a defect rate of less than 2 in 100. For many other brands we have sold this rate was 1 in 6 (sometimes 1 in 4).

ORDER & QUESTION HOTLINE: +44 (0)844 809 9189

Zero Maintenance Cost

Another unique and amazing benefit of the Chanson is that you have to do ZERO maintenance.

The industry leading on-board, self cleaning mechanism of this ionizer auto-adjusts to your water type to prevent blockages and maintenance. Calcium build-up is the #1 enemy of ionizers and in most machines this will lead to a 30-40% reduction in performance within 3 months, but with the MAX on-board RADS cleaning strips the calcium from the water before it hits and blocks the plates. We tested this in water that is over 4x harder than the hardest tap water and it came out totally clean.

Warranty, Guarantee & Servicing
Local to you – meaning you never have to worry or wait!

When you buy a Chanson Ionizer from Energise you get:

    • 5-Year Warranty: including all parts, labour, and ground shipping in the UK to and from our UK service centre to your home
      - meaning no cost to you at all
    • Day Money Back Guarantee: giving you a risk-free period to ensure you’re totally happy with your purchase

The above are subject to some minor terms & conditions which can be viewed here, but we’ve built our business on trust and exceptional customer service so we will always do our best to make sure you’re looked after.

>> Click here to read about our free Energise Ionizer After Sales Care & Support and if you have a question you can email Ross here.

And if you DO need your machine to be serviced, we have a local, UK servicing centre (and local centres for you in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and are always available on the phone or by email – and we’re always here to help. You’re not left in the dark. Previous ionizer brands we have sold had a fault rate of 1 in 8, sometimes 1 in 4, but since we started selling Chanson in August 2010 we have had a return rate of around 1.2% – and in all 3 of those cases we’ve had a brand new machine out to the customer within 48 hours.

ORDER & QUESTION HOTLINE: +44 (0)844 809 9189

“Wow. The fact that i can revitalise my fruit and veggies, by soaking them for a few minutes in negative -ORP water that the Chanson Ionsier produces means i am getting “live, energetic” food into my body. Another great BONUS of Ionsied water vs purely alkalised water.”
Georgie Johnson, UK

What About Cheaper Units & Filters?

The Chanson Miracle MAX Ionizer vs the rest!LOOK you could go out there and buy a cheaper ionizer and hope for the best, but let me share my experience of cheap ionizers with you:

  • These units use chemicals and minerals that are totally untested for human health to bump up the pH. Why? The ionisation in these units is so weak that it doesn’t properly separate the H+ from the OH- ions, this is how an ionizer is supposed to create alkaline water. But as these machines can’t they inject substances into the water flow to bump up the pH. The outcome of this? Sure you’ll get pH 8.5-9 water at one end, but you’ll never get the strong alkaline water and more critically, you’ll NEVER get acid water. The water coming out of the acid spout will never get below pH 6.
  • This low performance is also only available at a flow rate, that’s the speed the water comes out of the machine, of around 0.8 litres per minute, max. This is painfully slow. It almost makes it unusable. It’s a trickle.
  • Because they don’t have proper filtration, the ionizer plates will soon be coated in calcium deposits. These ionizers, in our tests, lose a further 30-40% of performance after around 3 months of usage.
  • We have also seen many many instances of the titanium coating corroding in these machines – if this happens, you’ll have serious heavy metal poisoning within a week or two.
  • And they break down. A lot. And do you think there will be someone on the end of the phone to help you out? No chance. Try looking up the manufacturer of these units. There is no company name, they don’t exist. There is no product manufacturer, they simply assemble the cheapest parts they can find and put a shiny plastic case on it.
  • They are not water experts, they are not filter experts, they are simply in it to make money.

I used to have a ‘cheaper’ unit…

… back when I didn’t know better, and sadly my experience isn’t unique. I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve reported exactly the same thing to me and you know what, they all wish they’d just bought a Chanson first up, because this cheaper unit ended up costing them not only the 5, 6, 7 or 8 hundred pounds that they’ve lost, but also who knows what it has done to their health – if those plates corrode it’s serious business.

While the Chanson is not as cheap as these knock-off units, it’s still by far the most affordable 7-plate ionizer and with Nano-coated, titanium plates that have been independently lab tested at 99.998 % pure titanium – you know you’re in safe hands.

These ultra large plates also allow for a much faster flow rate than any other ionizer in the world – with the Chanson still performing optimally at 3 litres per minute and at 85% performance at 4.5 litres per minute.

The filter is also a 5 micron Silver impregnated carbon block filter, plus the on-board self cleaning mechanism means the plates stay calcium free for life, without you having to do any maintenance.

And of course if there is an issue, we are here, in the UK – on the end of the phone with a dedicated service centre in Northampton to undertake any repairs.

I have seriously never been so impressed or excited about an ionizer in the 7 years of running Energise. The Miracle MAX is phenomenal and has made a huge difference to my health. The addition of the unique Himalayan Rock Salt injection, giving you mineral-rich, highly alkaline, electrolyte-rich water is incredible. After a run, workout and especially first thing in the morning this water leaves you absolutely buzzing with energy.

All you have to do to get yours, on it’s way to you now, shipped totally free is press the add to cart button below this video.

Remember it is totally risk free because you can get a refund any time within 60 days of your order arriving for any reason you like. No questions asked. We will simply give you your money back! Plus, you get to keep all of the bonuses.

ORDER & QUESTION HOTLINE: +44 (0)844 809 9189

p.s. changing my water to alkaline, ionized water with the Chanson has made the biggest impact to my health than anything else and now, for the first time ever, you can try the ionizer completely risk-free for 60 days! If it doesn’t work out for you then you can get a refund, it’s as simple as that. You have got nothing to lose.

p.p.s. PLUS remember that you will also benefit hugely from the ACID water it produces. If you have any skin conditions such as dry skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis or want to minimise wrinkles and lines then this water will be a god-send for you. It completely cleared my adult acne in no time.

“Since changing my water to alkaline water I have lost so much weight people don’t recognise me!”
Carolyn, UK

“Knowing that I can get very alkaline and highly antioxidant water easily – at the twist of a tap. As someone who lifts weight, regularly and heavy, and also as part of my profession, my body is constantly battling the acidity caused by this lifestyle. The Chanson allows me to constantly get alkaline water into my body. The years of living an acidic lifestyle are slowly being remedied. The acidic water has also been great for my skin!”
Scott Brady, NI