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      hello, we are Energise

      ... and we help transform peoples health through a set of easy to follow steps which combine diet, exercise and mindset.

      We educate, coach and provide access to all the products and resources you need  to apply the Alkaline Diet and healthy living in a realistic and easy to apply way.  This is so that you can increase your energy, lose weight, have amazing skin, amazing digestion and just look incredible.

      We call our approach the Energise Lifestyle - for more information about the Energise Lifestyle click here.

      Our Story

      The idea for Energise For Life came about in 2003 when I (Callum) and my brother, Ross Bridgeford, attended a Tony Robbins Event in London. We left that event with the basics for transforming our health. We were so excited and applied everything we could to increase our energy and get our bodies back in balance.

      We really didn't expect the dramatic results we experienced through applying a few key principles.

      Our family and friends were amazed at the difference, and our passion to communicate this message to as many people as possible really started. Whilst still in our existing jobs, we created the first Energise For Life website, which was an information site. This was set up to help as many people as possible by providing for free all the information we had found through our research and lifestyle.

      We soon discovered, through our own attempts at applying the lifestyle, how difficult it was to get hold of the supplements and equipment we needed; as well as learning to apply the lifestyle practically.

      We had to put in a lot of hard work to make this lifestyle practical and workable.

      We decided to put all of the products in one place, alongside the all the resources neccessary to apply a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is that by having everything together, you will be able to start applying the principles and transform your health.

      To learn more about our story click here.


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      Why We Are Different

      Our approach is very different to everyone else out there. 

      Rather than just having a "shop" that sells a confusing array of products, we focus on an overall approach and show you exactly what you need to do to reach your health goals.

      We have therefore refined a system that includes diet, exercise, key supplements, key equipment, mind-set and community to produce massive results.  This is based upon our own research, through working with world experts, modelling the most successful people and through talking to you, our customers.  Our approach is based upon being realistic, uncomplicated, and just giving you the core information to apply this into your busy life. 

      This approach has huge credibility – there are countless studies from respected researchers across the world showing how this approach to health really works.  The science all points to some very basic principles, of flooding your body with goodness and cutting out the things that make us tired and ill.

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      Why You Can Trust Us

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      Energise Callum and Tony Robbins
      Callum and Tony Robbins

      Energise Callum, Ross and Joseph McClendon
      Callum, Ross and Joseph McClendon

      Energise Callum and Robert Young
      Callum and Dr Young

      Energise Callum, Ross and Dr Molter
      Callum, Ross and Dr Molter

      Energise Alkaline Diet Boot Camp

      Energise Weekend with Robert Young 
      Energise Weekend with Robert Young

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      We Only Work With The Best


      We have worked with and learned from the best over the past 8 years, including:

      • Pioneering health researcher Dr. Robert Young
      • Founder of some of the worlds most sought after health clinics in USA and Europe - Dr. Erin Connealy
      • The worlds most sought after peak performance consultant Anthony Robbins,
      • Health expert Joseph McClendon III
      • Body Structure Experts Dr. Molter and Dr. Gould
      • Cutting edge health screening with Dr. Galina Migalko
      • World Ultra- Marathon Champion Stu Mittelman
      • and many more...

      We are continuing to seek out and work with cutting edge researchers and consultants from around the globe. We are out in the field finding what works and bringing this back to you.


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      We Have An 8 Year Track Record


      We have been running Energise For Life for 8 years now and living the lifestyle ourselves all this time. We have had over 100,000 customers and over 2,000 graduates of our Energise Lifestyle Program.

      See our Success Stories page for some of the amazing stories and feedback we have received.

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      We Only Stock The Best Supplements and Equipment

        We have done all the hard work for you and identified the key supplements and equipment that work. We have sought out the very best suppliers and key equipment manufacturers that produce the results. This actually comes down to a small number of key items.
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      We Prioritise Quality and Safety


      We take safety very seriously and work closely with manufacturers to ensure that all regulations are met and stringent quality control procedures are in place.

      We carry out ongoing checks to ensure the safety and quality of our products. Greater restrictions have been placed by the EU on product efficacy and safety. We embrace this and ensure that all our products fully comply.


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      We Pride Ourselves on Excellence


      We pride ourselves on excellence and we have a highly trained team here in our UK office, ready to answer your alkaline diet and product questions, and generally help as much as we can.

      We are based entirely in the UK and have a UK Customer Service team. Just give them a call on +44 (0)844 809 9189.

      We have a UK Based warehouse, with plenty of stock for same day dispatch to all over the world

      To learn more about our customer services please click here.

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      We have a Strong Vibrant Community


      Our blog is fresh and up to date, with constant stream of new information and a vibrant network of likeminded people.

      This is so relevant now, with so many people experiencing health challenges. People are finding modern life is causes so much energy sapping, sickness and disease. Life can’t go on the way it is.  More and more people are searching for the way forward with their health.

      Through our products, resources and training we give you a really tangible way of turning this around and bringing health and energy back into your life.

      This is the time for a new community of healthy energised people, and we aim to serve this community with integrity and the heart of customers in our minds.


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      Here at Energise, we live by some pretty important guiding principles...

      We really care about you and want to add huge value to your life.  Whether this is your energy levels, your focus, weight loss or gain, skin tone, digestion or just general wellbeing we really want you to succeed.  Because, we know, that your health is the foundation for everything in your life.  It drives the success in all other areas.  We really want to help you as much as possible regardless of profits;

      We are constantly excited and feel privileged to be able to help people all over the world rediscover their energy and vibrancy.  We are also excited to be able to keep searching the world of health for the latest cutting edge knowledge and products to make as big a difference as we can.

      We are confident that our strategies and products WORK, which you can see in the feedback in our blog, in our Success Stories page and the feedback we have on our product pages.  We hear amazing success stories on the phone every day, and it is this that has enabled us to grow and share our message over the past 7 years.

      We like to share at Energise. We have the world’s biggest alkaline and peak performance health site here, with a huge community of followers.  We love to connect and help you share with likeminded people all over the world.  We have a huge following, with over 10,000 Facebook Likes, over 3000 followers on Twitter. You can follow us by clicking on the buttons below; as well as leaving comments on the blog, or just give us a call on +44 (0) 844 809 9189.

      Free Resources

      Our ethos of giving free information is still at the core of our mission - as you can see on our site today.

      We have an abundance of unique content with over 700 free articles, recipes, resources, reviews and guides.

      To get started NOW - Click for more information about our Energise Lifestyle System and our FREE 3 Part Video Introduction Course.

      We have demystified the world of health! As you can see in our “Success Stories” page, the results are astounding.

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      VIDEO 1: Get Started With A Bang!

      All the core info you need to get going right now and apply this today.

      Energise Free Alkaline Diet Course
      Energise Alkaline Diet Free Video 2

      VIDEO 2: Alkaline Foods For Energy. 

      What to eat, what not to eat and the #1 most common mistake people make.

      Energise Alkaline Diet Free Video 3

      VIDEO 3: Seven Steps To Your Goals.

      Answering the big questions you have, including how to stick to the alkaline diet. So that it integrates into your life so that its fun and easy.

      To get started on the Energise Lifestyle, click here to sign up and watch our free video course, which will get you moving in the right direction quickly and easily.

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