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      Well done - this is your first giant leap towards your health goals. This free Beginner's Guide to the Alkaline Diet sums up everything that Energise for Life is about: using our seven years of experience to give you everything you need to reach your health goals with the alkaline diet - no matter what they are!

      At Energise for Life our mission is to give you EVERY resource you need to reach your health goals, no matter what they are, through the alkaline approach to health.

      We are so much more than just a shop or just a site - we have dedicated the past seven years to creating hundreds of free resources, guides, recipes, how-to's, videos, interviews and more to make this journey easy and enjoyable for you.

      If this is something you appreciate, it would be great if you could us by clicking on that button!

      Alkaline Diet Core Info & Free Guides:

      • Acid/Alkaline Diet Simplified: blog post giving you a very clear and easy-to-understand explanation of the alkaline diet.
      • Top 10 Alkaline Diet Questions: answers to the most common beginners questions.
      • Alkaline Breakfast Guide: how to master the alkaline breakfast, commonly the most difficult mealtime to crack!
      • Alkaline Water Guide: downloadable PDF guidebook explaining how to make alkaline water at home
      • Interview with Dr Young: my interview with Dr Robert Young, the most influential alkaline diet researcher in the world.
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      Dr Young on Ross & Energise

      "When it comes to the alkaline diet, Ross and the team at really know their stuff. I have been personally working with them for a while now and they are doing a fantastic job of spreading the word of the New Biology and have created a wonderful resource for people who want to alkalise their life.

      If you want to apply the principles of the pH Miracle then I recommend that you visit their site or give them a call."

      Dr Robert Young
      Author of The pH Miracle


      "Effortlessly lost 70lbs"

      Hi Ross! Well, I was hooked after just two weeks - I felt so much better and I had easily shed 10 lb in weight & I was not even hungry. My energy levels had gone through the roof and I knew this was for me. I have gone on to, effortlessly, lose 70 pounds!

      Jill H, UK

      "I have learnt soooo much!"

      I would just like to Thank You for ALL the information you give! I think i spent almost my whole day reading and watching your videos... and I have learnt sooo much! I really don't see how you have time to do all those amazing blogs and answer almost everyone's questions. I don't normally write to people for their work, but you deserve the praise. Well Done!

      Veronika Tomova, Slovakia

      "Finally some sense on this topic - I am so glad I found you"

      FINALLY! Some sense on this topic! I am so glad I found you. Your chart is awesome. Keep it up, I will read blogs every day now. Cheers Tamera

      Tamera Schapel, Australia

      More feedback...

      "You are so on the button. The site is second to none."

      Hi Ross, Thank you so much for not just leaving us to it - your commitment is so on each page, it goes along way when you know you are backing us all the way.

      I know the diet works, but with the people I used before for guidance pretty much left me to it. Not all their fault but I am afraid I need continual back up. Yes and it looks like I have found my man.

      You are so on the button. The web site second to none. I cant thank you enough for the encouragement you are now giving us. I truly believe this is going to make all the difference. Many thanks.

      Sharon, UK

      "BIG thank you for all the support & guidance - it makes a difference!."

      I just want to say a big thank you for all the support and guidance you are providing. I was not aware of this help the first time round, and it makes a difference! I appreciate the way you are connected, holding and encouraging. Your conviction and commitment are contagious. Look forward to the next messages from you. Kind regards and many blessings Nathalie.

      Nathalie, UK

      Hello Ross, you hit the nail right on the head! Exactly - thank goodness for your video, bucked me up some, I'll certainly watch them Many thanks

      John B, UK

      Hi Ross. Thank you so much for your work. The world needs people like you.

      Diana, USA

      Hi Ross, I loved the video. Thanks so much for help to people. All the best Tania

      Tania, UK

      A million thanks, Ross! This is my eighth day, still haven't taken an OTC pill for my acid reflux. It isnít gone but it is easier to control with lemon water, and occasionally, ACV. It was a fortunate day indeed when I found you on the internet. Thank you SO SO SO much! LOVE all you say, thanks xx

      Shelley, USA

      HI Ross. Thanks for your inspiration and super hints & tips. your 150% right enjoyment is the key, and small steps. Thank you for the support!!!

      Mags, UK