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      Alkaline Diet Starter Guide

      Read This to Instantly Understand the Alkaline Diet

      The Alkaline Diet is really simple and easy to understand. You just have to focus 80% of your eating on fresh, energising, alkalising vegetables, salads, oils, seeds, nuts etc. and minimise your consumption of acid-forming foods such as chips, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, cola, bad fats, meats, dairy etc. It is that simple.

      The 80/20 principle works really well with the alkaline diet -- if you master the core information then you will get 80% of the benefit with just 20% of the effort. How does that sound to you?

      Quick Start: Here is what I advise you to do to start feeling an increase in energy and vitality within 48 hours:

      Eat Your Greens: for the first few weeks try to up your intake of fresh green vegetables and leaves by simply having a side salad with every single lunch and dinner!
      Drink Up: you absolutely HAVE to aim for 1.5 litres (women) or 2 litres (men) of clean, alkaline water each and every day. This alone will have a huge impact on your energy and wellness.
      Exercise: exercising will increase the benefits you feel from your diet by at least 500%. Aim for 3-5 40min sessions of a mixture of aerobic and resistance training each week. Start by walking or rebounding if you must - just get moving!
      Smart Supplementation: unless you have a specific health challenge I really recommend you focus on the four most important supplements - green drinkspH dropsalkaline minerals & omega oils such as Udo's Choice. Everything will fall into place with these supplements.


       Alkaline Diet Guidelines

      The Top Five Alkaline Diet Questions…Answered

      What can I eat? Which foods are alkaline? Click here to see our list of acid and alkaline foods
      What is a green drink & what are pH drops?! Click here for our green drink guide and here for our pH drops guide
      Can I eat fruit? Is fruit acidic? Click here for my detailed alkaline blog post on this topic
      How do I test my pH level? Click here for my guide to pH testing
      Which supplements do I need? See below...


       Alkaline Diet Guidelines

      The Alkaline Diet Course

      The Alkaline Diet Course is a fully guided, day-by-day, twelve-week transition to the alkaline diet. It does all of the planning & preparation for you and makes it simple & effortless for you to become alkaline.

      Click here for more information.

      Alkaline Diet Guidelines

      Core Supplements

      Green Drinks


      Highly alkalising, nutrient dense and unbelievably good for you, green drinks are a must have.

      pH DROPS

      pH drops raise the pH of any water you consume. This is really very important because normal tap water is generally acidic.
      Alkaline Salts


      The four most alkaline mineral salts of calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, these salts are highly alkalising and are vital to life itself.
      Omega Oils


      For optimal health, energy and wellness I strongly urge you to give some focus to the omega 3, 6, 9 and coconut oil.

      Alkaline Diet Guidelines

      About Energise For Life

      Energise are the world’s leading ‘Alkaline Diet & Natural Health Enthusiasts’! I used to call us, ‘The world’s leading Alkaline Diet & Natural Health Site (or Shop) but we’ve become a whole lot more than just a web shop since we started back in 2004.

      In the past five or six years we have become perhaps the most recognisable name in the alkaline diet world. Our relationships with the unbelievable pioneers in the health and human wellness field such as Dr Robert Young, Tony Robbins, Dr Christopher Vasey, Jason Vale, Dr Connealy and more have led us on a path to fulfill our ultimate goal:

      To give as many people as possible every resource they need to reach their health goals & fulfill their full health potential. 

      We have FOUR key values that we live and work by:

      to connect as much as possible
      to help as much as possible (regardless of profits); 
      fresh food should always come first;
      and balance is everything!


      lAlkaline Diet Course  Callum and Tony Robbins

      Alkaline Diet Guidelines

      Articles, Resources & ‘How to’ Guides


      download Green Drink FAQ download pH Drops FAQ download pH Strips FAQ

      Listed below is a selection of our best alkaline diet guides. Visit our alkaline diet blog for more articles – the blog is updated 2-3 times per week with new articles & resources!

      Alkaline Minerals
      5 Lessons from Dr Young 
      Alkaline Diet Scientific Proof 
      More Proof about Alkalising 
      Lemon Water - Alkaline Star  
      How to Get Up Early 
      Do pH Drops Work (video) 
      How to Boost Your Sex Drive 
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      Diary of an Alkaline Cleanse 
      The Best Advice Ever 
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      Alkaline Diet Guidelines

      Our Top Videos & Interviews

      testing ph

      Testing the pH of Different Drinks

      Using a digital pH meter, Ross tests the pH of different drinks and shows the benefits of using pH drops.
      > watch now

      Interview Robert Young

      Interview with Dr Young

      In June 2009 Ross conducted a I .5hr interview with Dr Young about the Alkaline Diet.
      watch now

      Interview Gareth Edwards

      Interview with Gareth Edwards

      Interview with top Hale Clinic nutritionist and alkaline diet specialist Gareth Edwards.
      > watch now

      Alkaline Diet Guidelines

      A Few Starter Recipes...

      Not knowing what to cook is often the biggest problem people face when they start out on the alkaline diet. That is why I published the world’s first truly alkaline recipe book I also post new recipes to the Energise Alkaline Diet Blog every week to help keep you fresh and inspired on your alkaline journey!

      Here is a selection of my favourite recipes from the blog:

      Alkaline Smoothie
      Green Drink
      Springtime Soup
      >Creamy Zucchini Pasta

      Alkaline Burgers
      > Chunky Alkaline Shake
      Tom Yum Soup
      Minty Dressing

      Alkaline Bean Brekkie
      Blood Builder Green Drink
      Alkaline Protein Shake

      Alkaline Diet Guidelines

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      Alkaline Diet Guidelines