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Who are Oxygrass?

Oxygrass are a family horticulture business based in Northern Ireland. Founded by Maureen and her daughter Liz, they have been running their business for more than 22 years. They certainly know how to grow Wheatgrass and together have been taking Wheatgrass for over 21 years.

Both are passionate about healthy and alkaline living!

What Makes Oxygrass Wheatgrass so unique?

Wheatgrass was one of the first plants the founders of Oxygrass grew and in their quest to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, they looked into more efficient growing methods that used less water.

- Aeroponically Grown

They discovered Nasa’s aeroponic method (growing plants in nothing but air) and loved it – aeroponically grown wheatgrass unlocks the nutritional benefits only found in the shiny white roots.

This is why the Award-Winnng Oxygrass wheatgrass is so unique. No other wheatgrass powder can offer you the benefits that Oxygrass brings!

Aeroponically grown Wheatgrass uses up to 78% less water than conventional growing methods. At Oxygrass, they believe growing aeroponically is the future. It is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable methods of food production on the planet!

- Get the Amazing Benefits of both the Green Shoots & White Roots!

Oxygrass put the top growth and the roots into every sachet - it's their award winning growing method that allows them to use the entire wheatgrass plant, and they're the only ones that do this.  

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