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      We really want to WOW you with our friendliness, efficiency and ablity to make your Energise experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
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      At Energise we understand that your health is extremely important to you. From our own experience of online shopping, we also know how infuriating it can be not being able to speak to someone to have a question answered. This is why we have made our customer services as accessible and easy as possible.

      So whether it is making a decision about how to improve your health or if you have any issues with your product or order we are here to help.

      We pride ourselves on excellence and we have a highly trained team here in our office, ready to answer your alkaline diet and product questions, and help as much as we can.

      Avocado Customer Services - We have a friendly Customer Service team. When you call, you will deal with just one person, who will ensure that everything is dealt with as efficiently as possible.
      Avocado Warehouse - We have plenty of stock for same day dispatch to all over the world. Our customer services team is onsite with the warehouse. They can go into the warehouse if necessary to help ensure everything is dealt with in one call.
      Avocado Health Questions - We also have a qualified nutritionist sessions available to discuss any specific health concerns or questions.


      Some things we've put together to help you out...

      Customer Services Resources 

      Free Energise Alkaline Diet Course


      Most Common Questions

      Avocado How do I track my order? - Full tracking details will be provided in your confirmation email.
      Avocado How do I Return a Product? - Do you have a product return? Click here to find out how to return your product and  understand your refund rights.
      Avocado I have a product question - Each one of the products has a Frequently Asked Questions section, but please click on the "Help" tab if you have any questions about our products - we are here to help!
      Avocado I have a problem with my order - Our aim is to sort your issue out in one phone call, so please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can get things working for you.

      Free Energise Alkaline Diet Course - Unfortunately our customer services are not legally able to answer any specific health questions, but we can point you in the right direction for resources to read or videos to watch. We can also book you in with our trained nutritionist, Gareth Edwards, who can help with a phone consultation or meeting him at his practice where he can carry out a live blood analysis. For more information click here.


      How to Get In Touch

      Avocado  Just click on the "Live Chat" button at the top of the page or the "Help" tab at the side.
      Avocado Email Us... Please email with any questions or issues.

      Be Social... Click on one of the following buttons to visit us on our Blog, Facebook, Twitter or our You Tube channel. 


      Legal and Security

      Avocado Store Policies... Our store policies can be found here.
      Avocado Privacy Notice... Read our privacy notice here.
      Avocado Health and Medical Disclaimer... Read our disclaimers.