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      Proven Health Benefits


      So, what are the benefits?

      The nutrients found on the Energise Lifestyle provide INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN BENEFITS by contributing the normal functioning of the body in the following areas:


      Avocado Bring ENERGY back into your life
      Avocado Look great: SKIN, EYES, HAIR, TEETH and NAILS
      Avocado Health at a CELLULAR level
      Avocado The IMMUNE SYSTEM
      Avocado Your HEART & BLOOD
      Avocado Your BONE health
      Avocado The health of your NERVOUS SYSTEM
      Avocado Your MIND and MOOD
      Avocado Your DIGESTION
      Avocado Your speed of AGING
      Avocado Your HORMONAL health
      Avocado Your PROTEIN and MUSCLES
      Avocado Your FERTILITY levels
      Avocado And even helps with PREGNANCY and your CHILDREN

      On top of all this, the benefits from taking effective exercise both AEROBICALLY and ANEROBICALLY are well known and proven.

      We also focus on simple MENTAL TECHNIQUES that also have proven benefits to improve your health and wellbeing.

      Most of the symptoms you are currently feeling in your life can be turned around, so that you can start returning all your systems to normal healthy functioning.


      How do I know that these benefits are accurate and proven?

      To REALLY follow through, you need to know, beyond any doubt that what I am saying is real and making these changes will really be worth it.  You may have tried different “fad diets” or invested your time in things before that didn’t work out.  I understand that.  I also understand it is natural to be sceptical especially if you have tried things before and they didn’t work. 

      I know that common sense counts for so much, for example we all know eating fresh foods is better than convenience foods.

      Modelling people getting similar results, like myself modelling all the most energy filled, successful people in the world, counts for a lot as well.

      Also basing everything on research undertaken by reputable scientists has a lot of credibility. 

      But I know that even with all these, some of you may be thinking – is this all really true?  How do I know that this is not just some sales pitch or another company just hyping something up?   I really applaud this, and I really encourage you to NOT just take everything people say.  It is good to question and really want to verify that what someone is saying is really true.

      You may know that I have worked with some pretty amazing people over the past 8 years that have really helped me and shaped my approach to health.  These include Tony Robbins, Joseph McClendon III, Robert Young PHd, Paulo Fernandez, Ronnie Ruiz and Erin Connealy MD.  I’ve also undertaken a lot of research and put into practice what I’ve learnt as well as with thousands of people in the Energise community.  So I was always aware that these principles worked.  But, as you know science is always advancing and here at Energise we stay on the cutting edge of what is happening, so that you are always getting the latest information.


      Our Third Party, Independent Verification

      Well, I am really excited that literally in the last few months, the European Food Standards Agency have released a database of health claims that have been completely verified by their own independent team of scientists.  So by this, I mean that they have looked at all the studies out there that make health claims and ensured that they follow rigorous scientific protocol to be completely accurate.

      The most exciting thing is that this has independently verified everything that I’ve been saying for the past 8 years.  So what I want to do is show you how a sample day on the Energise Lifestyle creates all these benefits and how they are now independently proven.


      STEP 1 - I have taken a sample day on the ENERGISE LIFESTYLE.


      STEP 2 I’ve then undertaken a thorough nutritional analysis of all the foods and liquids – to split it down into exactly what nutrients we are getting, these are listed on the sample day.

      This has shown that the Energise Lifestyle has an wide range and abundance of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals – especially alkaline ones, fibre, good fats, plant sterols and other essential nutrients.

      It is low in things that we know cause sickness and disease, such as cholesterol, saturated animal fats, refined sugars etc.. . 

      When looking at this example, don’t worry.  We have all the RESOURCES to help you transition onto this healthy lifestyle over time.

      Avocado STEP 3 I have then referenced what each of these nutrients contributes to in the body, from these approved research studies. 
      Avocado STEP 4 - I have grouped these benefits together so it is easy for you to see these health benefits.
      So I hope this really gives you a clear idea of how we have got to these benefits from a sample day on the Energise Lifestyle. It is worth noting that these benefits are just the beginning. When we add in the proven benefits from exercise and relaxation techniques, the changes start to become very powerful indeed.