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      Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend (500 ml)

      Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend - The ultimate source of omega 3, 6 & 9 and the UK's market leading nutritional oil blend is recommended by one of the UK's most recognised nutritionists, Patrick Holford in his new book, The Holford Diet.

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      Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is carefully formulated to contain a 2:1:1 ratio of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. It is a nutritionally superior oil that is suited to almost every dietary preference, since it is gluten-free, fish-free and vegetarian and organic.

      Your body cannot function without the Essential Fatty Acids omega 3, 6 and 9 and it relies upon us to provide it. Nearly all of us are chronically deficient in these EFAs - and the difference in your health and energy when you get them is amazing!

      It is estimated that 95% of the Western world are chronically deficient in essential fatty acids (EFAs), especially omega 3.

      Udo's & Health

      What makes Udo's Choice the best choice for health?

      It is increasingly difficult to identify from the growing range of Omega-3 sources which will deliver the greatest health benefits. However, we can give you a host of good reasons why Udo’s Choice is Britain's favourite Omega oil. No other source of omega 3 EFAs can match the quality and integrity of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend.

      Foundation Fats
      All of our diets contain fats - the typical daily intake of fats is between 75 and 125 grams. They are ingested into our bodies through the foods that we eat and the cooking oils that we use. But they are not always healthy and are often damaged through high levels of processing and the heat from cooking (killing many of the good nutrients contained in the fats/oils).

      These fats form the base of the body's fat intake - what we call the "Foundation" fats. Some people choose to supplement these with Fish Oils but typically this adds just 1-5 grams of fat per day. So for optimum health we need to ensure our foundation fats are as healthy as possible.

      Two of the most important healthy fats the body should be getting as part of its foundation are undamaged Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) and Linoleic Acid (LA). These cannot be produced by the body so are termed Essential. Other Fatty Acids like those found in fish oils (DHA and EPA) are not essential as the body is able to produce these if it has enough of the Essential Fatty Acids ALA and LA.

      When Dr Udo Erasmus developed his unique oil blend he did so ensuring that it was rich in the 2 EFA's - ALA and LA - as well as including many other ingredients bringing benefits to the body's functioning.

      All Omega Seed Oils are not the same:

      • Starting with superior raw materials is vital, and Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is produced using the finest certified organic-grown ingredients.
      • Our seeds are cold pressed in a light and oxygen-free environment to preserve the integrity of the delicate omega-3 and 6 molecules and so ensure superior quality.
      • The oil is refrigerated all the way from pressing and blending right through to point of sale, and therefore maintains its full integrity and its fresh nutty taste.
      • Udo’s Choice bottles are nitrogen-flushed to eliminate any possibility of oxidation so preserving freshness. Dark amber glass and an outer box eliminate harmful UV light.
      • Our formulation is free of fish oils due to the rising levels of toxic content within fish products. That makes it a vegetarian & vegan product too.
      • The combination of constituent oils and minor ingredients often lacking in other oils has been carefully developed over many years by Dr Udo Erasmus to achieve maximum assimilation and efficacy.
      • Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend is guaranteed gluten-free and cholesterol-free.
      • The final proof is in the glowing responses we receive from users – each one describing improved aspects of health since starting to take Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend Gluten-free, fish-free, vegetarian and 100% organic.

      Additional Info

      Additional Info

      Nutritional Facts

      Nutritional Data

      Amount per 15ml serving:

        Item Quantity % Daily Value*
        Calories from fat 135  
        Total calories 135  
        Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%
        Polyunsaturated Fat 10g
        Monounsaturated Fat 3g
        Total Fat 14.5g 22%
        Omega-3 fatty acids 6.4g
        Omega-6 fatty acids 3.2g
        Omega-9 fatty acids 3g
        Medium Chain Triglycerides 231mg

      * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
      † Daily Value not established.

      Usage: You can take Udo’s Choice as a supplement, taking it by the tablespoon, 3 times per day. Or you can pour 3-4 dessert spoons over your food. Delicious on prepared foods, salad dressings, yoghurts, and even cerals and porridge.

      Ingredients: Organic flax seed oil, Organic sunflower seed oil, Organic sesame seed oil, Rice and oat germ oils, Organic coconut oil, Organic evening primrose oil, Lecithin, Vitamin E, Antioxidants (tocotrienols), Rosemary oil.


      A normal daily serving is around one to three tablespoons, taken at one time or spread through the day according to preference.


      Must be kept in fridge.

      Includes 500ml
      Serving Size No
      Cost Per Serving No
      Extra Info

      The 500ml bottle generally lasts from ten days to one month, depending on the amount taken

      Must be kept in fridge.



      Warnings Food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. To be stored out of the reach of young children.


      Magic in a bottle Review by alisonmartin123
      I love this oil.. I suffer with clicking joints and within 4 days of taking this oil my knees no longer click! I also notice improved concentration and mental clarity as well as loads more energy and improved well being when taking this oil daily. It makes a lovely salad dressing and tastes great in smoothis or mixed into soups or pasta..

      (Posted on 4/15/12)
      Great product Review by Rob
      This is a fantastic product a sure fire way to ensure your getting your EFA's this is the first time I've used it as part of my bodybuilding diet and was a little unsure if I would like it as I don't like a lot of nuts etc but it tastes great and I just mix it straight in with my protein shakes SIMPLE ! (Posted on 2/11/11)
      Why Do Things That Are Good For You Always Taste Bad?!Review by Jo
      I take this as I am allergic to fish so can't take fish oil. It has been recommended by my Naturopath as part of a plan to help relieve symptoms of endometriosis & bloating. Whilst it's working the only down side for me is the taste & the fact that it's got quite a high fat content! (Posted on 12/2/10)
      Buy this productReview by Mark
      This product is magic in a bottle. Buy it. It's as simple as that! (Posted on 12/2/10)
      Energy Levels through the Roof!!Review by Gladiator
      Since taking this product I have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels and concentration level in work . I no longer feel stiff after playing sport and my hamstrings appear to be free of Lactic acid (it use to take 2 painful days to recover). I no longer pull my back or feel tightness in my shoulders. An amazing product! (Posted on 10/27/10)
      OutstandingReview by David
      Tastes okay (and if you don't like it, add to a smoothie) and you can actually feel it makes a difference. Wish I had known about it years ago. (Posted on 8/24/10)
      PerfectReview by lilly
      I use Udo's as I have an auto-immune problem and raynaud's, I feel much better with my energy levels I have also lost weight slowly and sensibly just by eating the good fats and trying not to the eat the bad fats, all with the help of Udo's choice, I love the taste and take it off the spoon! Just bought the book by Udo so I am learning all about these very special oils which we need. Thank you to Udo's and energise. Both highly recommended. (Posted on 8/12/10)
      deliciousReview by adamc
      Delicious oil, kept fresh and delivered fast! Incredibly tasty. (Posted on 6/13/10)
      Positive change in moodReview by lina
      Since I have been using the oil i have seen a difference in my energy but also my overall health seems more vibrant and full of life, i see it in my skin. I would recommend it but as my first use of the oil I found taking the oil has been hard to manage I will definitely try the capsules after the oil has finished. (Posted on 6/3/10)
      excellent product and great service from Energise For LifeReview by Sylwia
      I've been using this product for a few years now and got my family addicted to it now! e put it in soups, salads, pasta dishes, shakes etc - highly recommended! (Posted on 4/6/10)
      Good for muscle growthReview by edi
      As a weight trainer I frequently use Udos Oil as a way to boost my healthy calorie intake - in shakes or straight out of the bottle. I should also say that ordering it from Engerise always ensures it is delivered very quickly. (Posted on 4/6/10)
      MSReview by DAWN ROBERTS
      Having recently being diognosed with MS, I have been using this product for a number a months and have found my energy levels and overall mood have improved beyond recognition - i would thoughly reco
      (Posted on 12/9/09)
      Acne gone!Review by Nick
      Thank you Dr Udo. Your oil blend has managed to help my acne. I have been to the doctor and had previously been prescribed antibiotics. However a year later I discovered Udos oil and within 5 weeks of use I noticed a tremendous improvement. My face has nearly cleared up completely now and I have stopped taking prescription medicin from my doctor as Udo's oil is all I need now. I originally bough it to help with my weightlifting and i have seen a huge improvement in that area too. A lot more energy. Many thanks for this golden oil.
      (Posted on 10/12/09)

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