Alkaline Thai-Inspired Green Smoothie Recipe

Thai-Inspired Green Smoothie:
A Simple Twist to Make Your Green Smoothie DELICIOUS!

If you want to have huge energy every day, get alkaline, and start getting to your health goals and the body you deserve…

A daily green smoothie will get you there faster than anything else.

Alkaline Thai Green Smoothie!

Every alkaline smoothie recipe I make has at least 6-7 serves of green vegetables, plus superfoods, plus fibre, plus alkaline hydration…

But that much GREEN is not always to everyone’s taste…at first. (note: your tastebuds DO change and get used to the greens!)


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Always have snacks available

This tip is hot off the heels of my recent guide to snacking and it’s crazy-important. As I said in my Ultimate Alkaline Snack Guide:

As I’ve said before many times, one of the key pressure points for people in sticking with the alkaline diet or any other health plan or lifestyle is what happens when you get hungry. When you’re hungry, you HAVE to eat, and if you leave it long enough – nothing will stop you. And if you’re not well prepared and well stocked up with healthy, alkaline snacks……you could end up eating anything!


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Alkaline DESSERT Recipe: Coconut Chia Cream Pot

coconut chia cream potsOh. My. Gosh.

I am predicting this might be my favourite recipe of 2014. My Coconut Chia Cream Pot has been tested on some of my most happily unhealthy friends (heh) and they LOVED it. My most healthy friends? They loved it too!

It’s an alkaline, delicious dessert you can serve to the family, at a dinner party, you can take it to work in your packed lunch…

And it packs a whole lotta omega 3, fibre, alkaline minerals, vitamins, antioxidants…it’s amazing.


Getting alkaline and having the health, energy, vitality and body of your dreams is easier than you’ve been led to believe.

Alkaline Sauces Are the Secret to Success!

If you’re anything like I was, for years you might have been been stuck in a health limbo. Overwhelmed with information overload…

Overwhelmed by what looks like a mountain to climb if you ever want to have that dream body, all-day natural energy, relief from digestive issues, skin conditions, fatigue and so on…

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Being Acidic Wrecks Every Part of Your Life

acid body burningThat sounds strong. Let me explain…(tough love coming).

When you are living an acidic lifestyle is first and foremost crushes your energy levels.

If you wake up tired, if you get huge energy dips during the day, if you become irritable…these are all because of acidity.

I believe that when you’re fatigued, and have no energy, it impacts every area of your life.

It impacts your mood, your motivation, the way you react to situations, the way you relate to people in your life, your ability to think clearly, to exercise and to pursue goals.



Get enough oils

Fact: most people are chronically deficient in omega 3. And when you’re lacking omega 3 you’re likely to experience a whole host of symptoms. Udo Erasmus (the world’s leading fats & oils authority) lists a 14 basic and common symptoms of omega oil deficiency and they include: poor immune system, skin conditions, low metabolism, weight gain, increased liklihood of many degenerative conditions, poor digestion, slow recovery and healing, premature brain aging and so on.