why i love the alkaline diet

Life is more simple that we often make it, and more simple than we’re often led to believe.

When you read magazines, websites, books and research about how to get healthy and live a healthy life, doesn’t it often seem so complex?

Which approach is best?

A food is good for you today, and then not so good the next day…

Today ”superfood” is tomorrows enemy.

One research paper says running is good for you, but then another article says that it ages you!

High fat, low carb…low fat, high protein…


How to Make Juices Every Day

I’m always looking for ways to make getting alkaline and energised as easy and quick as possible for you.

I LOVE hunting down those simple little things that make a big difference. If I were more fashionable I’d call it an alkaline-hack

Having a Green Juice Every Morning is the Most Simple & Powerful Thing You Can Do

Not groundbreaking rocket science, but doing this will change your life.

You will be getting 6-8 serves of fresh, green vegetables every day, delivered in a way that gives your body a maximum nutrient hit, before you’ve even left the house in the morning.


For me, Tony Robbins always gets to the heart of the matter, and gets results

And in his latest video, he teaches us “4 Steps to Turn Your Resolutions into Reality” – enjoy:

What are your big takeaways from this? How are you going to turn your resolutions into reality?

Happy 2015! Let’s get some REAL momentum to make this your BEST YEAR EVER!


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top 21 alkaline recipes

The people have spoken!

Since I started this site back in 2004, I have published over 700 free guides and resources.

And over 180 of these have been free, hand-crafted, meticulously tested and proven-delicious recipes!

(As well as publishing 2 Alkaline Diet Recipe Books that you can get BOTH for the price of one right here…just sayin’)

Of those 180, these are the top, most popular, shared, eaten and drank recipes I’ve ever published on the site!

#1 The Alkaline Soothing Gut-Healing Soup


You cannot have abundant energy without a healthy gut. Period.


alkaline salad dressings

Every now and then I get a question by email (or through my Facebook page) that I think everyone would love to hear the answer to.

Just before the weekend, a lady named Pamela emailed with a question I am sure a lot of people can relate to, and here is the question and the answer.

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Alkaline Diet & Conflicting Approaches – Who is Right?

Hi Ross,


sari swig's alkaline little gem saladThis is a really delicious, simple summer salad that was sent to me by Sari Swig of Cook Alkaline just before Christmas.

I tried it out on the family a couple of days ago and it went down a treat!

Sari emailed me:

I filled little gem lettuce leaves with some chopped radishes, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and a touch of avocado. Dressed with a little olive oil and lemon juice.

It was a big hit and there was not a leaf left. I was happy to get a picture.

I hope you like this.