Alkaline Diet Tip#12 Get enough oils

by Energise Ross


Get enough oils

Fact: most people are chronically deficient in omega 3. And when you’re lacking omega 3 you’re likely to experience a whole host of symptoms. Udo Erasmus (the world’s leading fats & oils authority) lists a 14 basic and common symptoms of omega oil deficiency and they include: poor immune system, skin conditions, low metabolism, weight gain, increased liklihood of many degenerative conditions, poor digestion, slow recovery and healing, premature brain aging and so on.

Put it this way, omega oils are called an Essential Fatty Acid – which means they’re one of our body’s ‘essential’ nutrients. Something classified as ‘essential’ means we NEED it to be healthy but the body cannot make it itself, you have to consume it.

Here’s a guide I wrote on how to get enough oils and just in case you didn’t believe me here’s my article on when Harvard called Omega 3 deficiency the world’s 6th biggest killer!

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Don’t go too hard, don’t be hard on yourself, don’t give up everything at once!

…start slow, go day by day, don’t try to eliminate everything all at once, allow yourself treats and relax!

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Susan Middleton May 10, 2014 at 2:06 pm

Can you suggest how to get the oil down? I gag and choke when I’ve tried to swallow it straight from the spoon. What about coconut oil instead? tia


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